How We Work for You

The core of A. Hart Associates work is seeing what your organization wants to become—and delivering a purpose driven approach that accelerates impact by keeping you focused on your vision. We provide guidance and structure to bring your resources and stakeholders together to effect change and stimulate engagement as well as investment. 

People and relationships are the essence of A. Hart Associates. This always comes first. Alison Hart, principal, is a bridge and relationship builder working to bring visions and projects to fruition through consensus. She easily moves between laying foundations and executing—from engaging partners in seeing value, to enlisting stakeholder investment, to collaborating with leadership to launch new initiatives.


What is your organization’s vision? We will guide you and help you get there faster.

Photo by Robert Lambert

Photo by Robert Lambert

A Partnership Poised to take off

Challenge: When one of the world’s leading aerospace companies identified a small Oregon town as a prime location for economic growth and innovation, there were dozens of stakeholders who needed to align with the visionary plan.

Solution: Our principal, Alison Hart, served as Launch Director  for the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center R&D. She brought together 25 stakeholders across industry, government, and academia to create a public/private partnership with a visionary mission: to enhance the competitiveness of the advanced manufacturing industry through an industry-driven collaborative, designed to impact both workforce development and economic development across the state of Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest.

Outcome: Ten inaugural partners were convened, a partnership agreement was crafted, $17M in private funds were garnered and $21M in state investment  was received.

How We Helped: Strategic Planning, P3 (Private/Public Partnership) Development, Business Plan Design, Coalition-Building, Organizational Design & Development

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Community and Business working together

Challenge: The Rainier Chamber of Commerce is a small volunteer run Chamber in Columbia County that was struggling to find its value and purpose. 

Solution: The Board of Rainier’s Chamber approached our principal, Alison Hart, to evaluate and assess the efficacy of their strategic planning process and help with Board training. Over 18 months, she facilitated three successful sessions -- a Board training, a strategic planning retreat and an advocacy training. 

Outcomes: The organization is experiencing a successful turnaround. In the last year, the Chamber’s membership has more than doubled. The governance structure was revamped to strengthen the mission, bylaws, and policies. Programs have been launched to increase the value proposition of the organization, including educating members on the importance of taking a role in advocating for local businesses and their significance in raising the profile of Rainier’s community across the county and state.

How We Helped: Change Management, Organizational Development, Facilitation and Training, and Executive Presentation Delivery at Annual Chamber Meeting

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Government affairs and Grassroots advocacy win at the ballot box

Challenge: In 2016,  Alison Hart played a key role with Measure 97, a corporate tax initiative on the November ballot in Oregon. It would have been the largest tax increase in Oregon history, estimated at a staggering $6B. Studies determined that the economic impact would have included loss of private and public sector jobs, slowing of economic growth, and Oregonians would have paid hundreds of dollars more a year on everyday essentials.

Solution: Mobilizing, educating and developing issues advocacy tools to all the Oregon state Chambers of Commerce to inform them of the pros/cons of Measure 97.

Outcome: Measure 97 was defeated by the electorate 59 to 41—an 18 point margin. Our principal, Alison Hart, was instrumental in engaging the highest level of participation of Chambers of Commerce on any ballot measure in the past 20 years.

How We Helped: Issues Advocacy, Campaign Educational Tools Development, Training, Planning and Execution, Grassroots Outreach, Statewide Public Speaking Engagements

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