We are so grateful for the relationships we have fostered—it is a privilege to serve our clients. This is what they have to say.


I have been impressed with Alison Hart’s  professionalism. Her work was crucial in the creation of the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center R&D—the first board, the organizational structure, philosophy, and decision-making process. OMIC R&D was a large group of stakeholders from industry, academia, and government with the common goal of a new organization. Alison guided stakeholders in finding a way to advance, despite their diverse ideas and approaches. She believes that collaborations should be based on trust, truth and facts. She has a pleasant way of encouraging such a culture in an organization.

—Renjeng su, D.sc, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, Portland State university

It has been a true gift working with Alison Hart. What makes her unique is that she has intuitive understanding of the human element. Alison’s dynamic energy complements her expert ability to design processes assisting groups in determining their purpose and goals. She clearly communicates with empathy and is confident in speaking the truth about the elephant in the room leading to great forward movement for an organization. She works with the highest level of integrity  and lives up to what she says she is going to do.

—Brenda Turner, Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

I have had the pleasure of working with Alison Hart during the formation of a public/private partnership that became a nonprofit organization. She helped our group define our mission and vision statement. Alison assisted us in capturing what mattered most to us. These core values will drive our thinking and anchor our team. Alison has substantial experience with nonprofit startups. She is wonderful at coaching and training board members about board ethics and protocols. She facilitates creating governance, policy, and training teams on how to structure a successful organization. She emphasizes the criticality of understanding what is important to an organization and creating strategy to fulfill the organization’s mission.  

—Kaitlyn McNaughton, Blount International

We enjoyed working closely with Alison Hart this past year. She has done a fantastic job of engaging our executive leadership board through strategic planning and getting to the root of what our priorities and vision are for the growth of the Rainier Chamber of Commerce. She is very knowledgeable regarding how to add value to your Chamber’s membership through legislative education and driving advocacy awareness. I highly recommend her to engage with your chamber and can’t wait for her to work with us at the Rainier Chamber again.

—Meagan tolles, Rainier chamber of commerce Board

I serve on three Boards that have worked with Alison for Board training and strategic planning. I would highly recommend her for designing and delivering presentations for any kind of organization in the private or nonprofit sector as she has the knowledge of both. Alison is able to streamline pertinent information as well as provide great value. She comes well prepared with an understanding of the organization and its needs. All of our Board members, at one time or another, told me how much they enjoyed Alison and learned from her. When you meet Alison and work with her, you will find that she is a winner.

—LaVonne Wilson, Dalles Retirement Village and Dalles Chamber of Commerce Board


Working with Alison Hart was an extremely worthwhile investment. The training and strategy session created focus for the Board Directors as well as strengthened their understanding of their roles and responsibilities. If you are looking for Board Training and Strategic Planning, I highly recommend A. Hart Associates.

—Gail Nelson, Pendleton Chamber of Commerce